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Larsen Family Poster Print

The name Larsen is synonymous with magic. Spanning four generations, they have been part of the Southern California magic community for most of the 20th century. They are so talented, it would require volumes to list their accomplishments. William Larsen Sr. started the publication of Genii Magazine in 1936. In 1942 he purchased Thayer's Magic Company and owned it until the 1950s. After his death in 1953, his sons Milt and Bill Jr. took the reins of Genii, and eventually realized their father's dream of creating the Magic Castle as the home of the Academy of Magical Arts in 1962. Since then, the Magic Castle has become the World's Premier Magic Club, where most of the top names in magic have performed. Bill and his lovely wife, Irene, traveled all over the world in search of news, and as ambassadors of our art. In the 1990s, Dante and Erika Larsen took over the magazine until it was sold in 1998.

The family still going strong. Milt is a successful writer, producer and director. For fifty three years he has successfully produced the It's Magic Show, which is one of the most popular yearly events in California. The Larsens are an outstanding magic family. They have helped countless numbers of magicians, both young and old.

On December 6, 2010, the IBM Ring 257 in Las Vegas, sponsored a celebration of their life and awarded them the "Magician of the Year" Award. The poster above was designed by Norm Nielsen for the occasion as a tribute to them.

We managed to get SEVEN posters signed by Milt, Irene and Erika Larsen. Get yours today!

  • The poster is a giclée printed on high quality canvas.

  • We used the highest quality UV / Pigmented Inks to avoid fading and for the poster to last a lifetime.

  • The posters are numbered.
  • This print comes in the following size:
    17" x 23" - Standard size

Larsen Family Poster Print
Price: $100

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