Okito-Nielsen Gobi Bowl®

Okito-Nielsen Gobi Bowl

Effect: This was the effect with which Okito opened his show for many, many years. The magician fills an empty bowl with confetti. The bowl is covered with a foulard, the performer walks towards the audience, and waves his hand on top of the bowl. The foulard is removed to reveal a transformation: The bowl is now filled with water, which is emptied in a container.

Okito made the Gobi Bowl at the turn of the 20th century (around 1904), he later made these for Joe Berg in Chicago during the 1940's. We are now making this effect in the Okito tradition in the same decorative style and manner. This piece is made with the highest craftsmanship. The box is lacquered and decorated with Oriental-style decals. The copper bowls are spun, polished and clear-coated. A beautiful 100% silk with a dragon design is also included. The box measures 9.5" square, and the bowl measures 8.75" in diameter.

This is a very limited edition - we have only made 30 - a true collector's item!


The following items are provided:

  • Wooden box
  • Two Copper Bowls
  • 100% Dragon Silk foulard
  • Confetti Gimmick
  • Bag of Confetti
  • Full Instructions