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"In 1962 I performed at an IBM meeting in Chicago. This is where I met Theo Bamberg (OKITO). We became friends and over the years he taught me to build magic. I bought his hand tools, which I still use today. It is with Okito's permission and approval that I began building OKITO-NIELSEN products." NN

Okito Items are characterized not only by the specific design of each trick, but by the use of Oriental decals to decorate the finish.

The following effects are all made in the Okito Tradition.
Due to our busy schedule, we can only make a handful each of these beautiful collectible props.

"Norm's ABC Block"

Okito-Nielsen ABC Block Trick

Effect: An ABC Block is placed into a tube. The block instantly vanishes and reappears in a hat or container some distance away.

This is the remake of the Okito-Nielsen Coolie Cube, but using an ABC Block and very pretty decals depicting Chinese children playing with blocks.

Norm made a few of these in the 1960s, and made a couple of dozen about 10 years ago.

This time we are making 24 of these. This is a very good, commercial, effect and quite a collectible piece as well.

Tube measures (outer dimensions): 7" x 3-5/8" x 3-5/8"
Block measures: 3" square

View a video demonstration of the effect below:

(Missed detail...I forgot to show the hat empty before doing the trick! Sigh...I suppose you will forgive me, as I realized this after uploading the video on YouTube. And yes, the hat can be shown empty.)

Okito-Nielsen "Norm's ABC Block"
Domestic shipping / handling / insurance for this box is $15.
International s/h varies.

Price: $385.00

Okito-Nielsen Norm's ABC Block Trick (other side)

Okito-Nielsen Breakaway Box

Okito-Nielsen Breakaway Box

One of our favorite columns in MUM Magazine is Paul Osborne's Shop to Stage, where he features workshop plans to magic effects that are "oldies but goodies". He has featured, among others, a Nite Club Vanish, a set of Buddha Tubes, a Bunny Box, and in the October 2008 issue he had a Breakaway Box.

The Breakaway Box was initially made by National Magic. After the article appeared in MUM, a good customer of ours contacted us to request the item. He said: "Wouldn't it be nice if it were decorated in the 'Okito' style?" Norm had been working on Okito's Jewel Box Mystery at the time (which is also scheduled to be ready within a month), and had a few sheets of wood left from that project. He told our friend: "Let me see what I can do."

Norm did it! He cut enough material to make only 30 of these Breakaway Boxes. And he did not spare any costs. These boxes are rich and beautiful with the traditional lacquered finish, decorated with the Okito-style Oriental decals and finished with brass hardware.

Effect: The effect is quite simple. A magician casually shows a box, spins it around, grabs the top lid and the rear and bottom panels breakaway from the box, revealing that it is empty. The magician can even thrust his arm through the box to show that there is nothing to hide. The box is reassembled, and after making a magical gesture, the box is reopened and silks are produced from it.


Norm just finished these and they are ready to be shipped!

Shipping and handling for this item is $20. This box will be very well packed and double-boxed for shipping.

Okito Nielsen Breakaway Box
Price: $550.00

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"Change Box"

Okito-Nielsen ABC Block Trick

Effect: A magic box sits on a table. Objects can be placed in the box and changed into something else. Alternatively, you may vanish and produce items depending on your routine.

Product notes: This is the box described in Gene Gloye's "Theatrical Magic", published by Magic, Inc. in 1978 - pages 117 - 118.

Because we couldn't find that other manufacturers have not made these, Norm decided to make a few. We have made a total of 10 Change Boxes.

The box dimensions are: 10" x 10" x 10"
They are decorated with Okito-style decals.

Check out Norm demonstrating it...

Okito-Nielsen "Change Box"
Domestic shipping / handling / insurance for this box is $25.
International s/h varies (contact us for a precise quote).

Price: $550.00


Okito-Nielsen Chinese Sticks

Okito-Nielsen Chinese SticksTowards the end of 2009, George Millward made a total of 17 Chinese Stick sets which sold out within a few weeks. Unfortunately, this project was more work than George anticipated, and it interfered with his magic performing career, so he told us that we could make them instead.

This has been our pet project. We have completely redesigned the sticks, and we believe that we have come up with one of the very best sets in the market.

Effect: The performer shows two sticks together in his left hand, each containing tassels attached to the end of a string. It would seem that both sticks are connected, because when the magician pulls down on one tassel the other one goes up, and vice-versa. To prove that the sticks are not connected, the performer separates them at one end; and yet, he is still able to pull one tassel down, while making the other tassel travel upwards. To further prove that the sticks are not connected, the magician completely separates them, and even while disconnected, the tassels keep going up and down mysteriously through the sticks.

The “Chinese Sticks” is a timeless piece of classic magic. There have been many different styles of sticks in the market, and numerous routines have been published in the magic literature. Each performer adds has his or her unique touch to this effect. When it is well presented, this can be quite an entertaining piece of magic.

Our sticks have the following characteristics:

  • They measure 12” long. This length allows the performer to put them in his jacket pocket, making the trick more practical to carry around.

  • The tassels are quite long as well. We chose yellow on the main sticks for visibility. Yellow is one of the most visible colors on stage when seen from a distance.

  • Each stick contains a hollow screw on the back that allows you to attach a dummy string and seemingly connect two sticks together. In his routine, Roy Benson “exposes” the connection in the back of the sticks, and to prove that they can be disconnected, he asks an audience member to take a pair of scissors and cut the string.

  • A third stick is included with this set. Benson was the first one to add this third stick to his routine. In the past, in order to make a “Benson set”, one had to purchase two sets of sticks to obtain a third one. This third stick allows you to add a “climax” to the basic presentation of the Chinese Sticks, as well as a comedic interlude. This set of Okito-Nielsen Chinese Sticks allows you to perform the Benson Routine.

  • What makes these sticks special and superior to many models, is that both the tubing and the weights are made out of brass. Brass has a lower coefficient of friction, and it is heavier than other metals.

  • The weights are beautifully engineered. The strings ride on small pulleys at the end of the weights, and each weight rides on sixteen Teflon balls. The balls not only reduce friction, but also cushion the weights so that these sticks do not rattle.

  • Finally, the sticks are decorated with Oriental style decals in the Okito tradition, and they are sealed with a heavy duty urethane coating.

In our opinion, the best performer of this classic effect is Roy Benson himself. Check out the following video!

Okito-Nielsen Chinese Sticks
Domestic shipping / handling / insurance for the Chinese Sticks is $15.
International s/h varies.

Price: $350.00

The Chinese Sticks are currently on BACKRODER.
They should be back in stock in a couple of months.

Thank you for your interest.

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Okito-Nielsen Flip Over Box

Okito-Nielsen Flip Over Box

Effect: Two doves or any small object are placed inside a box. The magician then makes a magic pass over box. The box is spun forward revealing it completely empty! Everything has vanished!

The Flip Over Box was invented by Jack Gwynne in 1928. It is a classic magic trick.

The Okito-Nielsen version is decorated with the Oriental style decals and sealed with a shiny urethane coating.

The box measures 14" x 10" x 5".

Brass hardware is used to enhance the finish, and the swinging doors are riveted for durability.

Norm made two of these in the 1960s. This time he is only making a limited edition of 24 boxes.

Okito-Nielsen Flip Over Box
Domestic shipping / handling / insurance for this box is $25.
International s/h varies.

Price: $550.00



"Jap Box"

Okito-Nielsen Jap Box

Basic Effect: The magician shows an empty box with no top and a removable bottom. He puts it back together, waves his hand over the box, and load of silks appears.

Because of the way it works, the magician is also able to vanish a silk or transform it into another object.

The "Jap Box" is a very, very old magic box. This box was first called the "Japanese Inexhaustible Box" in 1876. Various versions were made by different manufacturers through the years, and the jargon term "Jap Box" became a standard in 1913.

The box measures 8.5" long x 5.5" x 6". It has also a removable bottom tray with a hole that allows for the standard handling of the effect. Only TWELVE Jap Boxes have been made in this limited edition.

Okito-Nielsen "Jap Box"
Domestic shipping / handling / insurance for this box is $20.
International s/h varies.

Price: $450.00

Okito-Nielsen Jasper Box

A few months ago, we were cleaning the workshop and found a box containing a prototype Norm made a couple of years ago based on an idea he found in an old magic book.

This is a production box that can be shown on all sides and then opened to reveal that it is empty as well. After making a magic pass or saying the magic words, a load of silks or streamers can be produced. The box also lends itself to vanishing items - i.e. placing an object in the box, and then opening to reveal that it is gone, etc.

The reason we call this the "Jasper Box" is because the load is big enough for Jasper, our dwarf rabbit. We figured he is also a good salesman - or sales-bunny - as his cuteness would help us sell a few of these.

The design and load chamber for this box are based on an old principle. As usual, this prop is made in the Okito tradition. The box is beautifully crafted and decorated with Oriental decals, and this box has a glossy finish. Box measures: 12” high, 9” wide and 6” deep.

Norm has only made a limited edition of this effect, which will become very collectible. Only 24 are available.

Shipping and handling for this item is $20 domestic. This box will be very well packed and double-boxed for shipping.

Check out the video demonstration:

Okito Nielsen Jasper Box
Price: $777.00

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"Tear Apart Box"

Okito-Nielsen Tear Apart Box

Effect: Insert a couple of doves, or a small item in a box. Make a magic pass (or say a magic word) and remove the lid, take the front and back panels out, fold in the sides, and the item has disappeared!

This is a classic magic trick. As usual, Norm has painted these with lacquer and decorated them with oriental decals.

When assembled, the box measures 16" x 14" x 8". Norm has made fifteen of these.

Probably one of the best handlings we have seen of this trick is by master magician Del Ray. The video below depicts him performing another version of this effect.

Okito-Nielsen "Tear Apart Box"
Domestic shipping / handling / insurance for this box is $35.
International s/h varies.

Price: $850.00

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