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Dove Holders and Harnesses

EZ Way Out Dove
by John Thompson

Effect: Magician magically produces a dove from an empty silk!

This is the "Dove Holder" designed by John Thompson, who is one of the best and most respected magicians in the world. This holder is very gentle to the dove, as there is a space for its head and it is a two-handed production.

Instructions, bag and matching silk are included.

Comes in several colors: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and White.

EZ Way Out Dove
Price: $45.00


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Ultra-safe Invisible Dove Harness
by Tony Clark

We are now carrying these magnificent dove harnesses by popular demand. These harnesses are designed by magician Tony Clark, and used by many professionals worldwide. The harnesses are made of s soft white silk ribbon that holds the bird safely and securely. It also has a special feature that allows you to remove the “line” from the bird while keeping the harness in place.

Ultra-safe Invisible Dove Harness (Tony Clark)
Price: $34.00

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Other Dove Items

Living Latex Doves

Latex Doves

We make the finest latex doves!

They are usable in a variety of ways, limited only by the imagination of the magician. Our Living Latex Doves can be 'rung in' anytime during your act, and can easily add a new effect as needed.

They crush small, assume shape quickly, and can be manipulated to act real if needed. Here are a few of their features:

  • The latex is dyed pure white, not just painted.
  • Fully washable, they'll always look good.
  • Thin walled latex for small compression.
  • Glass eyes give them that perfect look.
  • Hand detailed.

The industry standard in Latex Doves! These are preferred and used by pros worldwide!

Latex Dove
Price: $45.00

Latex Dove Eyes

From time to time the little eyes in the doves might fall off. These are the eyes we use for our birds. They are amber and made out of crystal.

Latex Dove Eyes
Price: $2.00

Note: Domestic shipping / handling for this item is $1. Please ignore the $3 shipping cart on the shopping cart. That will be corrected when we process your order.

Latex Dove Eyes

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Tony Clark DVDs

Tony Clark - Unmasks DVD

Unmasks DVD

Tony Clark's DVDs are one of the best resources to learn the basics of dove magic.

This DVD is valuable because it explains the care, handling, training of doves and how to travel with them; it provides you with tips on how to tailor your costume for this type of magic; and even contains several dove productions and routines you can use. This is the DVD we recommend to anyone that wants to get started with dove productions.

Tony Clark - Unmasks DVD
Price: $35.00

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Unmasks II DVD

This video teaches you to produce doves with NO body loads. This material is ideal for magicians who perform at private parties, school assemblies or anywhere where body loads are impractical.

Some of the effects in this DVD are: Dove from Kleenex, Dove from Newspaper, Dove Bag Routines, Latex Dove deceptions, etc.

Tony Clark - Unmasks II DVD
Price: $35.00

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Tony Clark - Behind the Seams DVD

Behind the Seams DVD

Another excellent instructional DVD on Dove Magic. Tony teaches you about how to prepare your jacket, vest techniques, dove holders, shirt fronts, loop management and a great sleeve steal.

If you want to learn dove magic, this is an outstanding resource!

Tony Clark - Behind the Seams DVD
Price: $35.00

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