The Great Alex Weyer - Book

The Great Alex Weyer - Image

The Great Alex Weyer - Image

The Great Alex Weyer
by Veronique Faber

This little booklet is about a busy and little known magician from the Golden Age of Magic: Alex Weyer. He was born in Luxembourg in 1872, and started his career in the dime museums of New York, where are a young man in the 1890s he became a good friend of Harry Houdini. This friendship lastest throughout his entire life, and although Houdini became famous and financially successful, the same fate did not materialize with Weyer. Alex Weyer was a busy professional magician throughout the turn of the century, but he never made it big. He died in Cairo in 1921 at the age of 49.

Veronique Faber is the author of this little biography. She does an outstanding job in researching and finding all the material about this performer. The result is a 49 page booklet, very well written and extensively annotated.

This will become quite a collectible. Only 200 copies have been printed.

(Softbound booklet - 49 pages)

The Great Alex Weyer (limited edition)
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